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What is Mephobia

What is Mephobia

The name “mephobia” is derived from two words: “me,” which refers to an individual’s own sense of self, and “phobia,” which describes an unreasonable and ongoing fear of an object or condition.

In the end, the worry that success will be too great to the point that mankind will be unable to deal with it and would suffer premature extinction is what mephobia refers to. Mephobia is defined by the urban dictionary as “the dread of being so magnificent that the human race can’t take it and everyone dies.” This is a quite wide interpretation of the phrase.

When first considered, every aspect of this idea seems to be completely ridiculous. When looked at in further detail, the premise continues to seem ridiculous. How is it possible for someone’s achievement to be so enormous that it may result in the extinction of all humankind? Is there any way that could work? How is it that the actions of one person may have an impact on the whole of humanity?

There are some legitimate features of mephobia, despite the fact that the notion appears to be completely abhorrent. Consider, for instance, the dread of attaining one’s goals. This dread is pretty rational given that some individuals have a real irrational fear of the things that they are capable of doing. Some people don’t even believe they are deserving of the opportunity to achieve great things. This idea is the foundation of what is known as imposter syndrome. Throughout the course of this post, we are going to have a comprehensive conversation about these ideas.

Since we now have a better understanding of the overall notion, we can go on to discussing the subtleties and psychology underlying mephobia.

Is Mephobia Real?

No. The American Psychological Association does not accept mephobia as a valid anxiety condition in its official classification system. Impostor syndrome and narcissism, both of which are central elements in this theory, are, nonetheless, acknowledged as social diseases.

Do you believe it’s possible for someone to perish as a result of how wonderful you are… Absolutely not, but if someone else thinks you’re so amazing, they could have intense feelings of envy and again it’s normal not a Mephobia.

Psychology Behind Mephobia

One idea, and only one idea, keeps reoccurring in my thoughts whenever I consider mephobia, and that idea is narcissism. It is not only ridiculous but also very selfish to entertain the idea that your magnificence may bring an end to the human race. How self-absorbed does a person have to be to feel that the whole race is incapable of dealing with their greatness?

To believe that you are capable of magnificent things is not only acceptable but also healthy (I believe that we are all capable of magnificent things, regardless of where we came from), but the idea that an individual could believe that his greatness comes at the expense of the human race is quite unsettling to me.

Some people believe that the individual should be afraid of their own achievement since it will be to the harm of mankind. They claim that rather than narcissism, this displays an air of humility. In my opinion, this is a skewed and diluted version of the virtue of humility. What use does it serve if an individual’s modesty is rooted in narcissism for it to begin with? Some people may be confused by the fact that I consider narcissism to be the basis of this pretence of humility.

This attitude is due to the undeniable reality that the first concept that your excellence may lead to the harm of mankind can only originate from a soul that is too focused on its own needs and desires.

Notwithstanding this, I do not believe that narcissism is the only factor involved in mephobia. I also feel that the imposter syndrome plays a significant role in this. In the next part of this post, we are going to talk about the fundamental aspects of mephobia.

Mephobia Symptoms

As is the case with other diseases, mephobia is characterised by a number of symptoms, including…

  • You have an unhealthy preoccupation with the idea that you are so amazing.
  • You often get the impression that other people are envious of you.
  • You also find yourself daydreaming that everyone would bow down to you whenever you go out in public.
  • You develop the arrogance of queens despite the fact that no one gives a damn about it.
  • And last but not least, taking an excessive amount of selfies causes the storage on your phone to get full.

The Supporting Aspects of Mephobia

As I said earlier, the fundamental ideas of impostor syndrome and narcissism form the basis of the totality of the condition known as mephobia. In the end, mephobia may be simply broken down into its two fundamental components, or notions.

The first of them is the idea that you aren’t worthy of being successful or of doing extraordinary things. This line of thinking may very easily convince you to develop a healthy dread of success itself so that you can avoid the uncomfortable sensation of being a phoney. This fundamental idea is comparable to the imposter syndrome.

The second fundamental idea is the consideration that the level of achievement you achieve may be so tremendous that it may result in the annihilation of all humankind. Narcissism is the sole explanation for the level of self-absorption that is necessary to perceive a circumstance in such a self-centered way. These two fundamental ideas will each be broken out in further detail following.

Imposter syndrome

Recent studies have shown that approximately seventy percent of people have suffered imposter syndrome at some point in their lives. Because of this, its significance just can’t be overestimated.

The impostor syndrome refers to an irrational fear that one is not deserving of their present position or accomplishments because of their lack of ability. Impostor syndrome is essentially when you get the feeling that you are not as competent and reliable as other people believe you are in a certain situation. This might, in extreme circumstances, result in an actual dread of becoming successful.

This dread of attaining one’s goals is the subject of our discussion. To summarise, the primary component of mephobia is an irrational worry about achieving one’s goals. You need to understand that this anxiety is what drives the phobia itself in the first place. When people are afraid of their abilities and achievement, they could come up with ridiculous excuses for why they shouldn’t achieve their goals. You had the right idea! This ridiculous justification is at the heart of mephobia.


The second fundamental characteristic of mephobia is narcissism. Mephobia would be a severe instance of imposter syndrome if it weren’t for this factor. Narcissism may be defined as an extreme case of self-absorption or self-involvement to the point that the person in question is unable to recognise or care about the requirements of the others in their immediate environment. It’s the highest level of selfishness imaginable, in my opinion.

Everyone, from the most introverted to the most extroverted, is capable of narcissistic behaviour on occasion. Narcissism may take on many different forms, such as being obsessed with one’s new profession or an academic endeavour. On the other hand, real narcissism occurs when an individual entirely disregards the emotions of other people.

At this point, one might be forgiven for wondering what connection narcissism could possibly have with mephobia. It’s not hard at all. To my way of thinking, a person would need to have an extreme case of narcissism if they were to contemplate the possibility that their imminent achievement may eradicate all of mankind.

Mephobia is something that might easily develop if you combined narcissism with the imposter syndrome.

To summarise everything, the notion of mephobia is undoubtedly absurd while while being rather interesting. It seems that the whole premise is absurd. On the other hand, if you disassemble it into its component parts, you may start to make sense of the seemingly incoherent information. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions area below if you have any concerns or questions.

How To Pronounce Mephobia

Mephobia is not a difficult word to say; the correct pronunciation is mephobia is…. [mee-foh-bee-uh]

Mephobia Quotes

A dread of attaining such greatness that the human race would be unable to deal with it and will perish as a result.

Mephobia is a genuine term, although its meaning is completely made up.

When I look into his eyes, I know without a shadow of a doubt that he loves me more than anybody else in the whole world, and that he views me as his salvation in exactly the same way that I see him as mine.

The human race has a fundamental similarity, but gender roles are socially constructed.

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