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The Sun and the Star: A Nico di Angelo Adventure by Rick Riordan PDF/ePub Download free Book.

The Sun and the Star PDF/ePub

Book NameThe Sun and the Star
AuthorRick Riordan
Series(Camp Half-Blood Chronicles #17) 
FilePDF/ePub (Downloadable)
PDF Size2.27 MB
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Details on the adventure novel The Sun and the Star, featuring Nico di Angelo
In this exciting tale authored by a New York Times bestselling author, demigods Nico di Angelo and Will Solace must brave the terrors of Tartarus to save an old friend. the renowned novelists Rick Riordan and Mark Oshiro.

Tragic events have befallen Nico di Angelo, son of Hades, including the loss of his mother and sister, his forced outing, and the death of his friend Jason during Apollo’s trials. Will Solace, the son of Apollo, his partner, is a bright point in his life, though. Together, the two deities can do anything. At least, that’s how things are trending right now…

A voice from Tartarus, the deepest pit in Hades, has begun tormenting Nico. Bob, the rehabilitated Titan whom Percy and Annabeth had to leave behind when they fled Hades’ realm, is who he thinks it is. Between his nightmares and Rachel Dare’s prophecy, Nico is convinced that Bob is in serious peril. Nico has no choice but to complete his goal, despite Mr. D and Chiron’s disapproval. And Will was adamant about joining us. If you were formed of light, could you survive in the world’s darkest places? And what does it mean that Nico must “leave something of equal value behind,” as the prophecy suggests?

Nico and Will, two of the most popular characters from the Percy Jackson series, have their own set of challenges to overcome in this spin-off adventure.

Author Bio: Rick Riordan

Rick Riordan is the best-selling American novelist of all time because to his epic Percy Jackson trilogy.

Synopsis of the Book: The Sun and the Star

Thanks to NetGalley, I was able to read a preview of this book in advance of its official release.

I was given access to the first five chapters of The Sun and the Star, and I can tell with confidence that the premise would enthral any reader who liked Rick Riordan’s prior books. Characters from the first two books of the Camp Half-Blood trilogy, Nico DiAngelo and Will Solace, travel to Tartarus on a mission in the third book. The first few chapters are full of Riordan’s trademark wit while also introducing a more mature element; the book will not shy away from the serious subject matter of Nico’s extensive trauma, and I get the impression that it will delve into territory that has not been fully breached in any of Riordan’s other works.

I’ve been a Riordan fan for almost a decade, so I’m counting down the days till it comes out. As soon as the entire book is out, a new review and star rating will be posted.

Reading this so long after being obsessed with the Percy Jackson series seems like reading fan fiction. This fan story is excellent, yet it is still simply fan fiction.

In The Sun and the Star, you’ll find celebrities from all walks of life. The little references to the first season were a nice touch. There seems to be no mismatch between the authors’ styles, even though there are two. I’m keeping track of the days until its release!


After devoting the past seven hours to reading this book, I can honestly say that I am impressed. Mark and Rick were always going to be the authors of this story. Everything great about the Percy Jackson books, plus the actual feel-good essence of being gay while navigating relationships and trauma in deep space (poor Nico just can’t seem to stay out of Tartarus). But in all seriousness, the day I spent reading this book was a gift, and I am very appreciative.

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The first two seasons of the Percy Jackson books and films were some of my favourites. I’m thrilled that Nico will soon get a book all to himself. I find these chapters quite interesting. Look around! The private vision of Rachel Dare. Fearful dreams, indeed. Nico appears to have a full schedule. I’m eager to get to the end of this book. How will this mission develop? It’s possible that Nico will have to talk to his father. When does Cupid make an appearance? There are so many unknowns.

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