The Sacred Well Murders (PDF/ePUB) By Susan Rowland

The Sacred Well Murders (PDF/ePUB) By Susan Rowland read online for free.

The Sacred Well Murders Information

Book Name:The Sacred Well Murders
Author:Susan Rowland
File Type:PDF/ePub
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The assignment of chaperoning a young American student, Rhiannon, to an Oxford University Summer School on the ancient Celts turns deadly for rookie investigator Mary W And Walker. Mary, Caroline, and Anna, her agents, are at a blood sacrifice at a sacred well because Mary is concerned about the rhetoric of blood sacrifice. They’ve learned the hard way that those who can’t separate their gods from one another end up possessed by them.

It turns out that white racists have infiltrated the group of self-proclaimed Celts who manage the summer camp. Is it possible that their preoccupation with mythology is less a sign of search for personal meaning and more of a precursor to terrorist acts of violence? Who better to infiltrate their rituals of secrecy than an elderly, seemingly inoffensive woman?

After agreeing to spy on the Reborn Celts, Mary learns of Anna’s intense affair with the main suspect, Joe Griffith, to her disgust. Mary learns too late that these twenty-first-century Celts mean murder because Griffith is also the focus of Rhiannon’s obsession.
At a sacred spring in Oxford, along the Thames on the route to London, and in Celtic London, where violence would restore one of the Thames’ ‘missing rivers,’ the Reborn Celts draw Mary and her friends into three rites to summon them.

Caroline and Anna rush to London to rescue Mary, who has been abducted, before the dreadful night of the summer solstice. Is she doomed to become the old maid offering? Or, the three women may reconstitute an archetypal female pattern of caring by creating a new “detective family.”

About The Author Susan Rowland

To find joy in middle age, I eloped with a famous American poet. I’ve settled on the west coast of the United States, where I write cosy murder mysteries with contemporary settings and plots. My focus will be on female protagonists from marginalised groups.

I also spent time lecturing and writing about such topics as Jung, the feminine, creativity, and the arts.

The Sacred Well Murders Book Summary

Rowland has written a fantastic work of fiction, full of enough mystery and magic to keep you up way past your night. Even though Rowland states up front that many of the references are fictitious, the study done for the book is evident. She creates believable protagonists and antagonists. Her enthusiasm for writing and serious thought shines through in her work. While it is fiction, there are numerous symbolic parallels to organisations across the globe and throughout history (she acknowledges this in the beginning of the book).

In the beginning of the story, Janet is at a loss as to what to do, and detective Mary Wandwalker finds herself in the middle of her musings. At first, Wandwalker has some doubts about the magic he encounters. As she follows a young woman to a Celtic summer school, she experiences a series of bizarre and sometimes dangerous events. This book’s plot moves quickly and has many of surprises thanks to the Reborn Celts and their devious scheme.

This is a fantastic book for a leisurely weekend. If you’re looking for a fantastic story with a touch of magic and mystery, this is the book for you.

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