The Kissing Hand (PDF/ePUB) By Audrey Penn Read Online

The Kissing Hand (PDF/ePUB) By Audrey Penn Read Online for free.

The Kissing Hand Information

Book Name:The Kissing Hand
Author:Audrey Penn
SeriesChester the Raccoon #1
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size1.05 MB
ePub Size1.55 MB
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El libro exhibe un estado satisfactorio, considerando su antigüedad, es posible que presente señales comunes de desgaste.

About The Author Audrey Penn

Audrey Penn is a renowned author specialising in children’s literature, hailing from the United States. The author is widely acknowledged for her notable work, The Kissing Hand, a pictorial narrative showcasing raccoons characterised with human attributes.

The Kissing Hand Book Summary

The Kissing Hand is a picture book that has received prestigious awards. If you were to read it, this would not be surprising to you. The novel centres around the narrative of a maternal raccoon and her offspring who are on the verge of commencing their educational journey. Chester Raccoon, the young individual in question, exhibits a profound sense of anxiety and apprehension in anticipation of commencing his educational journey. Nevertheless, aided by Mrs. Raccoon’s undisclosed strategy, she manages to alleviate her son’s anxiety. This phenomenon is evident not only in the choice of language employed, but also prominently manifested in the accompanying visual representations. The aspect that particularly captured my attention was that.

The book exhibits exceptional design and literary qualities. One of the design components employed by the illustrators is the utilisation of borders. In the literary work under examination, certain pages exhibit varying border designs, while others lack any form of border altogether. This platform offers a diverse range of artistic expressions. Another design element that might be considered is the choice of font colour. In order to enhance visibility on darker backgrounds, the font colour was set to white, whereas on lighter backgrounds, the font colour was set to black. This information is really beneficial to any individual seeking knowledge. Regarding the literary components, the work employs robust character tones. As an illustration, given Chester’s imminent enrollment in school, he employs a language style characteristic of a younger pupil, whilst the mother adopts a tone that reflects her maternal role. The assertions made by her exhibit a higher degree of empathy.

In terms of a more positive perspective, it can be observed that The Kissing Hand effectively utilises well-structured paragraphs. However, it is worth noting that a greater diversity of terminology could have been employed to stimulate cognitive engagement.

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