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Book Name The Fine Print
Author Lauren Asher
Series Dreamland Billionaires #1
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The Complete Story Details
Basically, I just make up stories that kids will enjoy reading.

in the shape of Amusement Parks. Production studios and media companies. Luxury five-star hotels.

I could own all of Dreamland if I put forth the effort and money to fix it up.
Until I kissed Zahra, I thought it would be a great idea to hire her.

Things immediately got out of hand after I texted her under a false identity.
When I finally realised my error, it was too late.
People like me rarely have happy endings.
Not if we’re destined to wipe them out.

I was fired for good reason: I submitted a proposal while intoxicated, in which I ridiculed Dreamland’s most expensive attraction.
Instead, Rowan Kane presented me with a fantastic job opportunity.
However, there is a caveat. My former boss was the most difficult boss I’ve ever had.
I had already decided how I felt about Rowan, despite the fact that he was disagreeable and off-limits.
I didn’t know till I found out his little secret.
The millionaire finally understood that his vast fortune could not buy him happiness.
We don’t think so.

The Fine Print is the first of a planned trilogy of novels about three affluent brothers.

Author Bio: Lauren Asher

Because her imagination runs wild, Lauren uses her spare time to read and write. Her ultimate goal is to visit all of the locations she writes about. She is at her best when crafting stories with sympathetic protagonists who have serious flaws. She enjoys reading works that move quickly and cover a wide range of emotions.

In her spare time, she watches random videos on YouTube, rewatches old episodes of Parks and Recreation, and reads through Yelp reviews of nearby restaurants before deciding on a go-to. She’s most productive first thing in the morning when she’s had her coffee, and she never turns down a nap.

Synopsis of the Book: The Fine Print

How, exactly, did this book get so fantastic? From the very first page to the very last, it was pure gold. I’ve read a lot of books this year, and this one is by far the best. A perfect strike! What type of crack material did the author include here, anyway?! I was so disturbed by this book that I yelled, sobbed, threw up, and queased.

The book was even better than I’d hoped it would be. since it reminds one of “Disneyland, but for adults.” And in my book, the grownups who have an unhealthy fixation on Disney World deserve the harshest punishments possible. /j…kinda

This novel ate me alive from behind like it was the day of judgement, causing my toes to curl, my lungs to empty, and my ass to be punished. I needed to do some exercise in a few laps around the house before I could unwind. I tagged and highlighted like my grade depended on it. Definitely worth the sloppy toppy 3000, and more, for this book.

This book has just the right amount of hope and despair. in the same way that it’s expected or whatever. Only Lauren Asher, for some reason, comes close to being a good fucking s*x to me.

Everything about Zahra is perfect. Many of my own characteristics were mirrored in hers. She is a ray of light, radiating confidence, strength, and kindness. Her character was rich with subtlety and depth. We may all learn from Zahra’s example.


With The Fine Print, Lauren Asher kicks off her new Dreamland Billionaires series, and it doesn’t disappoint. In this fantastic tale about a billionaire at work, the grumpy guy meets the upbeat girl.

Seeing her makes a sinner like me want to fall to his knees and beg for forgiveness.

Zahra’s presence is like turning on a light when she enters a room. She is now employed at the Dreamland Salon, but her ultimate career goal is to work for the Creators. Rowan, on the other hand, is the relentless workaholic and icy businessman. The contrasting traits of Rowan and Zahra make a lovely pair.

Rowan must restore the family’s 18% of Dreamland to its former glory if he is to receive the remainder upon his grandfather’s death. Zahra and Rowan click the moment they meet for the first time. My favourites parts was the humorous and engaging interplay between them. The progression of their friendship was natural and uncomplicated.

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