The Final Empire (PDF/ePUB) By Brandon Sanderson Read Online

The Final Empire (PDF/ePUB) By Brandon Sanderson Read Online for free.

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Book Name:The Final Empire
Author:Brandon Sanderson
SeriesThe Mistborn Saga #1
File Type:PDF/ePub (Downloadable)
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Due to the persistent ash shower, no flowers could develop for a thousand years. For a thousand years, the Sake were kept as slaves and subjected to oppression and terror. The Lord Ruler, also known as the “Sliver of Infinity,” reigned for a millennium. Then, in the deadliest prison the Lord Ruler had ever built, a half Saka who had been severely scarred and whose heart had been destroyed found hope again, long after it had been forgotten. At some point, Kelsey “snapped” and learned he possesses Mistborn powers. He attempted to take from the Lord Ruler himself, using his talents as a master thief and natural leader.

Kelsey has assembled a crack team of powerful allomancers who are up for a high-stakes challenge and share some of his abilities. Kelsey then discloses his ultimate goal, which is the destruction of the holy ruler rather than merely the greatest heist in history.

The best criminal team ever assembled can’t save Kel’s scheme from seeming like the ultimate long shot, but then a ragtag bunch of misfortune sends him a lady named Vin. She is half Saka like him, but she has had a much worse life than he has. As a result, Vin now assumes that everyone she meets will eventually betray her. For Kel to be able to guide her to mastery of abilities beyond her wildest imaginings, she will need to develop the ability to trust in others.

So, let’s play what-if and ask, “What if the prophesied hero failed to defeat the Dark Lord?”

About The Author Brandon Sanderson

Since the award’s inception four years ago, only Brandon (The Way of Kings, 2011) has ever won it for a single book. The Emperor’s Soul won the 2013 Hugo for Best Novella. Five of his works have topped the NYT Bestseller List.

Brandon currently resides in Utah with his family, where he also teaches at Brigham Young University.

The Final Empire Book Summary

My first exposure to Brandon Sanderson and the Cosmere universe was The Final Empire, and I have to admit that he lives up to the expectations.

I had some problems with the book, but I still enjoyed it very much. The last quarter in particular was fantastic. This is a carefully created and deliberate world. Both the conflict and the plot are really exciting. I have no doubt that the remainder of the books in the series will also be excellent works of fantasy.

Vin and Kelsey are the primary characters in this book. Kell has assembled an army to overthrow the oppressive immortal god-figure who rules the Empire. Supreme Ruler Lord. Nobleman, at the very top of the social hierarchy, are viewed as a distinct species from the lower-class saka and peasants. There are also Allomancers in this universe. They gain their abilities, such as the ability to manipulate emotions and heightened senses, by ingesting specific metals. When they need extra strength, they can simply burn the metal they ingested. Misting are extremely uncommon because they can only burn one metal. Even more uncommon, a Mistborn has the ability to smoulder all the allomantic metals. They are both Mistborn, Vin and Kell.

I liked Kelsey right off the get. His character is nuanced and ambiguous. But he is also a really entertaining and likeable protagonist. On the other hand, it took me some time to get up to Vin, but I’m excited to watch her personality unfold. All of the crew members had their own unique qualities that made them endearing and fun to be around.

I had problems, as I admitted earlier. One problem is that there aren’t any strong female leads. There were around five or so female characters in this book in addition to Vin. They were either completely silent, barely audible, undeveloped, or hostile. Another problem I had was that the first few chapters took forever to get going. I eventually got into it, but the beginning was so dull and tedious that I dreaded reading it. The last issue I had was with the depiction of noblemen having sex with or raping skaa, and then having them slain to prevent the resulting kids. My issue is that it skirts the issue rather than diving deeply into the power dynamics at play, which is where I think it falls short. It was a lot of hot air. That infuriated me, especially in light of the new information I now have about Elend.

Overall. This was a fun read for me. It’s something I’d strongly suggest you do. My anticipation for future works set in the Cosmere universe is at an all-time high.

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