The Fake Mate (PDF/ePUB) By Lana Ferguson Read Online

The Fake Mate (PDF/ePUB) By Lana Ferguson Read Online For Free.

The Fake Mate Information

Book Name:The Fake Mate
Author:Lana Ferguson
File Type:PDF/ePub (Downloadable)
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In this sultry paranormal romance comedy, two wolf shifters agree to pretend to be mates but end up with something real.

Recently, Mackenzie Carter has had a string of disastrous dates. After months of bad dates with model train experts, mansplainers, and men with an odd fixation on her tail, she has given up. Mackenzie is only a year out of residency, and her grandmother’s insistence that she find a husband before she can settle down is driving her crazy. Having nothing else to do, she tells her grandmother that she has a boyfriend. Then she reveals the identity of the first man she meets to be the big bad wolf of Denver General, Noah Taylor.

Noah Taylor is a grumpy interventional cardiologist who has spent his entire life in denial about who he is. Noah has been cautious about disclosing his status as alpha due to the antiquated stereotypes that persist about unmated males. It was successful for a long time, but then someone leaked the details. Either Noah comes clean to the board and risks his job, or he finds a partner. The fact that he gets called to meet the board on the same day that a chatty, too friendly ER doctor asks him to be her phoney lover has to be fated.

Mackenzie can keep her grandmother off her back, and Noah can show he can be successful in business without a serious girlfriend or boyfriend. However, when the pretend relationship develops into a genuine friends-with-benefits alliance, boundaries begin to melt, and they learn very quickly that love is an entirely different beast.

About The Author Lana Ferguson

Lana Ferguson is a sex-affirming nerd whose writing is never lacking in sass or flavour. She was fifteen when she came into possession of a fading Fabio cover, and it changed her life forever. When she’s not writing, she likes to break out into random showtunes, debate whether Batman is the best, and force her pals to read the Lord of the Rings trilogy in its full form. While Lana spends much of her time inside her thoughts, you may occasionally find her chasing her corgi through the woods of the great American outdoors.

Lana wants to give the world lots of steamy tales about two idiots who share a brain cell, but until then, please use commas and stick to safe language practises.

The Fake Mate Book Summary

It seemed like the Fake Mate was tailor-made for me. It’s as if the romantic subplots in hospitals are collecting dust in the back room, waiting for their big break. Both fictional and nonfictional works set in the medical field are among my favourites. The wolf motif was what set The Fake Mate apart from similar stories. The author’s ability to come up with such a unique premise deserves praise. I had heard rumours about Lana Ferguson’s TikTok fame, and now I can see for myself that they were accurate. The main couple won my heart right away, and I had no doubt that despite their foolish antics, they were meant to be together.

The premise of The Fake Mate was fascinating, and I cared deeply about the protagonists. It was really creative of you to include mating odours and maintaining a good image. This necessitated stealthy get-togethers between the pair to keep up the mating aroma. Their relationship was characterised by sweet embraces and gentle caressing of the necks. The way their dynamic changed as they grew to care for one another was fascinating to watch. The word “slick” was the source of my main criticism. It repulsed me, and I hope I never have to hear that phrase again.

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