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When two people who are very different from each other are forced to get married, it will test the theory that opposites attract. When two people who don’t know one other at all are forced to be married, it will test the generally held assumption that polar opposites can find love. As far as the Xavier Knights are concerned, they don’t need anything else. The millionaire hunk is used to taking his pick of any available woman because of his wealth, popularity, and influence.

In response to his father’s insistence that he marry a woman he has never met, Xavier vows to make the woman’s life as difficult as possible, assuming that she is only interested in Xavier’s wealth. This is his one and only promise he will not break. Angela Carson, a bright and kind young woman, has gotten herself into a marriage with the kind of man every other woman dreams of marrying. Because of their forced marriage, Angela must endure Xavier’s violent outbursts, philandering, and his determination to wreak devastation in her life. In this couple’s eyes, Angela is the bad guy.

About The Author

S.S.Sahoo’s birthplace, Rourkela, is in the Indian state of Odisha. She is pursuing her passion for writing while concurrently completing coursework to earn a degree in civil engineering. She began writing when she felt compelled to do so, but she didn’t tell her loved ones or close friends about it at first. She instead published her work anonymously on a reading site, and when she saw that readers enjoyed it, she came clean with her closest friends and family. It’s okay if she has some alone time once in a while. Ultimately, she found success in this novel.

Synopsis of S.s. Sahoo’s Book “The Arrangement”

I’m still reading because the series has a decent enough premise and an engaging enough story…. Everything, however, seemed a little stale by book four…

The language is quite simple, and I feel like the characters aren’t fleshed out very much.

My interest wanes after the fourth or fifth book in a series like Galatea… having said that, I enjoyed it for what it was.


I finished up to chapter 25 and I really like your story. That was captivating, and I appreciated all the effort you put into it. On the other hand, I do believe that it requires improvement. However, I found the characters to be quite flat and stereotypical. There was the dark, brooding, furious man with tonnes of money, and there was the peaceful, lovely, forgiving female heroine with the selfless attitude. This made the outcome extremely foreseeable. The characters only had that one layer, so I could always predict what they would do and how they would react to each other. Their behaviour was not particularly nuanced. Their conversations lacked natural flow because they frequently stated or failed to state the obvious. Angela seemed okay, but she struck me as quite helpless.

For the life of me, I just couldn’t warm up to Xavier. Like Angela, he showed promise as a compelling protagonist, but lacked depth. What you wrote from her perspective was interesting to me, but I didn’t care for the first-person narrative you created from his viewpoint. It gave him a whining, childlike air. I recommend using third person if you want to show things from his point of view. Furthermore, I was conflicted about my feelings about their reunion following the plane crash. To be honest, while I enjoyed the concept, I found it hard to believe that he initially mistook his wife for someone else. Maybe he’s never seen her face-to-face, but he’s seen enough of her to recognise her by her hair, clothes, and build. To add salt to the wound, it appears that the only reason he changes his opinion about her is because of how she looks. It was sweet that he realised why she married him and went back to make amends, but his apology came a bit late in the game. To me, the story was entertaining yet predictable. I was only truly taken aback by the aeroplane crash.

A more detailed background would have enhanced my enjoyment. A sense of the Knights’ home was conveyed adequately, but I longed for much more information on the Isle. The plane accident came off as corny since you failed to establish the location in the reader’s mind. Angela’s clothes got a lot of attention, but I felt like they weren’t as important as the location itself. This story desperately needs better editing. There were many typos and grammatical mistakes, making it difficult to read. Some sections were so difficult to read that I had to skim for meaning. All that’s needed is a thorough cleaning. Do not let this deter you. There’s a lot of potential, and I liked what I read, but it still needs some polishing. I really really hope this is useful. Please let me know if you have any more inquiries. In case I can be of assistance to you in any way, please let me know. Excellent job thus far!

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