Storytelling with Data (PDF/ePUB) By Cole Nussbaumer Kna Flic

Storytelling with Data (PDF/ePUB) By Cole Nussbaumer Kna Flic read online for free.

Storytelling with Data Information

Book Name:Storytelling with Data
Author:Cole Nussbaumer Kna Flic
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It is imperative to not merely present raw data, but rather to construct a narrative around it. The course “Storytelling with Data” imparts knowledge on the foundational principles of data visualisation and the art of effectively communicating information through data. The potential of storytelling and the utilisation of data as a central element in narrative will be explored. The teachings presented in this enlightening text are based on theoretical foundations, although they are effectively conveyed through a multitude of practical illustrations. These examples are readily applicable to enhance your future graphs or presentations.

The ability to effectively engage in storytelling, particularly in the context of data visualisation, is not an innate talent, and the available technologies do not necessarily facilitate this process. This literary work showcases techniques that beyond traditional methodologies in order to delve into the fundamental aspects of data analysis. It also elucidates the process of utilising data to construct a captivating, enlightening, and persuasive narrative. In this course, you will acquire knowledge and skills pertaining to the subject matter at hand, namely, the specific aspects and intricacies that are involved in the learning process.
Collectively, the instructional content within this book will facilitate the transformation of your data into visually compelling narratives that effectively resonate with your intended audience.

Eliminate inefficient graphical representations from your environment, gradually replacing them with more effective alternatives, starting with the elimination of exploding 3D pie charts. The data at hand contains a narrative, and by acquiring the techniques and capabilities offered by Storytelling with Data, individuals will be equipped to effectively communicate this narrative.

About The Author Cole Nussbaumer Kna Flic

Cole Nussbaumer Kna flic possesses extensive experience in data analysis and narrative construction, spanning a period of more than ten years. This expertise has been cultivated through her involvement in analytical positions within the banking sector, private equity industry, and at Google. She conducts presentations and training for organisations aiming to enhance their data presentation skills and publishes a widely-read blog.

Storytelling with Data Book Summary

I have engaged with further literature pertaining to this subject matter. Certain assertions in this literary work present conflicting viewpoints in relation to my prior readings. In a previous reading of the book titled “Say it with Charts,” the author recommended the utilisation of pie charts as a visual tool for illustrating the constituent elements comprising a full entity. The book proposes the avoidance of visualisations such as pie charts or donut charts, emphasising the importance of exploring alternative options.

As per the author’s perspective, it is of paramount importance to place particular emphasis on the narrative that is to be conveyed. The visual representations to be presented may exhibit substantial variations contingent upon the narrative intended to be conveyed. Moreover, the selection of colour, size, and font has a significant role in directing the audience’s attention.

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The utilisation of the 3-act structure in filmmaking, alongside the application of the gestalt theory to highlight specific focal points, and the incorporation of scientific elements, can greatly enhance the storytelling experience. According to the author, the subject matter under discussion encompasses elements of both scientific inquiry and artistic expression.

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