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What is the Meaning of Sleep is the Cousin of Death?

Because to many people, particularly a long time ago, it seemed to be the same. To those who lacked medical knowledge, many diseases seemed to be fatal due to the fact that a protracted and profound sleep that characterises the healing process might be confused for death.

Because of this, the bodies of some deceased individuals were found within their caskets with a thread attached to a finger and going up through the casket to a bell.

An interesting tidbit of history is that people used to prop themselves up on their pillows as they slept, rather than laying down flat on their backs.

When lifespans were generally much shorter and there were no treatments for illnesses that we consider minor today, death at any time was a real possibility. Lying flat looked too much like being dead.

For countless generations, the age of fifty marked the beginning of a person’s decline; reaching sixty or beyond was remarkable. And far before the age of fifty, the majority of them had already lost most or all of their teeth.

That’s one of the reasons why the folks in most of those ancient photographs aren’t smiling: their teeth were either missing or had decayed away to stumps by that point.

Sleep is the Cousin of Death Quotes

Death is the final sleep

“Death is a sleep that lasts forever.”

~ Joseph Fouché
Sleep is the Cousin of Death

Sleep is pleasant, but death is preferable; nonetheless, the ideal scenario would be to have never been born in the first place.

Don't be afraid of death, it is just longer sleep

“Let no one afraid to die: We all love to sleep, and death is nothing more than the better long term deep sleep.”

Sleep and death quotes

Death is not “an endless sleep!”

~ Maximilien Robespierre

I assume that’s what happens to us once we die. sleep in wonder

“Sleep was Death’s brother, and Death was a friend,”

Death, as it is often known, is something that causes people to cry, despite the fact that one-third of life is spent sleeping.

It is said that “time and death” share the same bed.

Life is the Bitc.., and death is her sister; sleep is the cousin; where the fu… is the family picture?

Lil Wayne

As a well-spent day leads to a peaceful sleep, so does a well-spent life lead to a happy death.

There is not much of a difference between death and deep slumber.”

Death is a part of everyone’s life. It is unavoidable, whether we like it or not. Rather than avoiding thinking about it, it is preferable to comprehend its significance. Because we all share the same body, the same human flesh, we shall all die. Of course, there is a distinction to be made between natural and accidental death, but death will come sooner or later. It may be simpler to confront death if your attitude from the start is, “Yes, death is a part of our life.”

In my opinion, dying is just as essential to the functioning of our constitution as getting enough sleep. The next day will find us revived and ready to go.

Death – the last long sleep? It is, in fact, the last waking.

“Sleep is like a momentary death,”. “In the dark I hear the night birds. I may feel a lover’s breath.”

“How delightful it is that Death, Death, and his brother Sleep!”

“To die, to sleep; to sleep, perhaps to dream; ay, therein is the rub; for in this deep sleep of death, what dreams may come…”

“I split my time as follows: one half of it is spent sleeping, and the other half is spent dreaming.” I never have dreams while I sleep, which is a pity since getting enough sleep is the pinnacle of intellectual achievement.

“An irresistible sleep settled profoundly on his eyelids, the sweetest, soundest unconsciousness, calm as the sleep of death itself…”

Any law made for the preserve of a human right, made to guard a human being, cannot sleep long enough to die; but any law that deprives a human being of a natural right — if that law goes to sleep, it never wakes, it sleeps the sleep of death.” This proverb refers to the fact that a law that is enacted with the intention of protecting a human being cannot go to sleep for long enough to cause their death.

“Lo, sleep is good, better is death—in sooth The greatest of all were never to be born,” the proverb goes. “Lo, sleep is nice, better is death.”

“To avoid preparation for death at any moment is to sleep on our station during a siege, but to miss it in old age is to sleep during an assault.”

Both love and loss have been a part of my life. Sleep has taken just too much away from me. Turn your head to the side, but don’t close your eyes just yet! Sleep is just a distant relative of death!

The interest we must pay on the capital called in at death is called sleep, and the greater the rate of interest and the more consistently it is paid, the longer the day of redemption is postponed.

You may claim that I died doing what I loved if I died in my sleep.

I’m certain that it’s not so much the dread of death, of our life coming to an end, that keeps us up at night, but the worry that we may as well not have lived at all in the eyes of the world.

When you become a mother, you just learn to operate without sleep and eventually grow used to it. When Finley was three months old, I returned to work, and the first few months were difficult. Then you learn to function on little to no sleep, and when he does sleep through the night, which is around six hours, you’re quite sure he’s suffocating. So you don’t sleep in the first place.

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