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Sinful Vow (PDF/ePUB) By Asia Monique Read Online For Free.

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Book Name:Sinful Vow
Author:Asia Monique
SeriesMafia Misfits #1
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Moretti, Lucia

For as long as I could remember, I knew that I would never be married to the man of my dreams. In a world where men were expected to be superior, I was acutely aware of the influence I might have even as a little girl.

In the criminal underworld, I was simply a princess of the mafia. In my home, I was treated with respect and dignity. To my future spouse? That, though, was still up in the air. But I hope Enzo Bianchi was prepared for me, because I was ready for him.

The Legendary Enzo Bianchi

My ideal future was no longer possible. My Famiglia, the individuals who were meant to be my family, had flipped my entire life upside down.

A group of us from Bianchi were making a fresh start, forming relationships with criminal groups that “got” our predicament. The strategy had been straightforward. Simple and straight forward.

That is, until Lucia Moretti came along with her own scheme, to which I just could not say no. My heart, my future, everything was in jeopardy.

Sinful Vow is the first novel in the Mafia Misfits series but may be read independently. Some readers may find the story’s scenes of violence upsetting.

Beginning of the Plot

Just six months ago, families were banding together to forge a mysterious alliance with which to shake the criminal underworld. Dmitri Ivanov was the first person to enter the warehouse. He was a massive guy with smooth sienna skin and black eyes. His father instilled in him the values of perseverance and sacrifice. Following his uncle’s murder, Dmitri was elected Pakhan and quickly set about forming relationships with other families with similar histories. The head of the Irish mob, Darragh O’Sullivan, showed there and made fun of Dmitri for being half Black and having an Irish name that meant black oak.

His mother had urged him to get in touch with his Irish heritage, but he was still hurting from not feeling loved deeply enough. Darragh’s grandfather and grandmother took a long time to accept Darragh’s mother, but Darragh Sr. loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. When their time came, the five O’Sullivan lads joined the ranks of the Irish Mob, while Darragh was forced to make nice with an Ivanov.

Mio and Joaquin thank him for looking out for them after they were paid by his wife’s father to assassinate her. Mio’s daughter, who is both more perceptive and clever than her father, learned about the treachery and the contract to kill her. The Oyabon wanted Joaquin’s daughter dead, so Joaquin attempted murder. Mio’s realisation of her true purpose is represented by the symbolic knife wound she inflicts on Joaquin’s face.

The leaders of two Italian crime families sat together for a meeting to talk business. Angelo Bianchi of the Bianchi Crime Family and Leonardo Moretti of the Moretti Crime Family. They settled on a system of reciprocal aid and territorial restrictions. Dmitri recommended outlawing the involuntary skin trade because to the group’s strong moral opposition to the conduct. By providing his son Lucia Moretti as an heir, Angelo presented a more substantial inducement for the relationship.

Leonardo considered Angelo’s proposal amusing and accepted the off-limits marriage to Lucia. Lucia Moretti, Angelo’s daughter, however, was off limits, so he taunted her about her destiny. They decided that a handshake was OK in front of their mutual acquaintances and that they could hammer out the specifics later. At the conclusion of the discussion, Leonardo voiced his shock at Angelo’s offer.

About The Author Asia Monique

Detroit native Asia Monique writes scripts and novels with fervour. Asia’s early preoccupation with language and literature would develop into a lifelong love of both movies and the written word. She graduated from Full Sail University with a BA in Creative Writing for Entertainment. Asia writes stories about black love that celebrate black men and women. She enjoys binge-watching her favourite shows on Netflix and listening to her favourite bands when she’s not writing. Asia is an avid fan of many things: music, sports, and more.

Sinful Vow Book Summary

Sinful Vow was a fantastic read for me. This is the perfect read for fans of mob romances.

An assassin-trained mafia princess is married off to the guy who is destined to rule over her family. All the unique characters and plot twists in this novel make it a joy to read. Lucia and Enzo have a sizzling chemistry. This is a power couple that is ready to rule the world, and I have no doubt that their offspring will do just that.

I enjoy reading romances because they often have multiple families and characters from various backgrounds coming together, falling in love, and starting their own families over the course of multiple books. The book’s prologue provides an introduction to the five gangs that make up this alliance. Learning a little bit about each character in the prologue was fascinating because of how unique they all are. The Morettis and the Bianchis are introduced here, but I have no doubt that the other families will make appearances in subsequent novels.

I intend to make time to read the rest of them soon. You are well aware that I have a mountain of books waiting to be read, but I promise I will get to them! You can hear that they’re all excellent. I blame my book slump for the fact that it took me a solid month to get through this. Please refrain from checking out my “dates read” list.

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