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Shadow Slave (PDF/ePUB) By Guilty Three Read Online for free.

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Book Name:Shadow Slave
SeriesShadow Slave #1
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Sunny’s upbringing in a state of poverty fostered a mindset that precluded any optimistic expectations for their future. Nevertheless, the individual in question did not possess foresight of their selection by the Nightmare Spell and subsequent induction into the Awakened, a distinguished cohort of individuals endowed with extraordinary abilities. Upon being transported into a dystopian realm infused with mystical elements, the individual in question discovered themselves confronted by formidable creatures, as well as other individuals who have awakened abilities, thereby engaging in a perilous struggle for existence.

The acquisition of shadow powers by the individual in question coincided with the emergence of a minor yet possibly lethal adverse cons

Shadow Slave Book Summary

I’m having trouble understanding the point of publishing periodic reviews of specific novels. That’s why what you’ll read here is a review of the whole book up to about chapter 860. This is information on the fifth volume’s 100th chapter.

Shadow Slave is a modern LitRPG within the dark fantasy genre, influenced stylistically by games like Berserk and Dark Souls. Unfortunately, it’s very uncommon for the first few chapters of a progressive fantasy to veer off the story’s eventual path. The protagonist, Sunless (also known as Sunny), goes through a sequence of hilarious misfortunes in the first volume (chapters 1-95), which reads like a darkly comedic picaresque narrative. The story takes place in a hypothetical future on Earth, when certain people enter a mysterious sleep condition when terrifying dreams come to life.

There are two possible fates for these people: either they will be able to overcome the nightmare, in which case they will gain remarkable skills along with an innate vulnerability, or they will give in to the nightmare’s influence and become a terrible monster with homicidal impulses. After losing his parents and going through other hardships, protagonist Sunny starts the story feeling down and out. The protagonist’s flaws and nightmares are shown as being on par with the unrelenting cosmic blows he suffers from throughout the novel.

Beginning on a dismal tone, the story focuses on protagonists who are mostly powerless and only narrowly escape disaster on many occasions. There’s no denying the show’s appeal, and one of the reasons for its success is the uniqueness of each location. Chapter 350 and beyond in the second volume pick up in a dark city, where Sunny and his friends have found temporary sanctuary.

In this chapter, we learn about political dynamics, see more of the characters’ development, see the use of new abilities, and enjoy some lighter moments. Author Guiltythree has a great knack for conjuring up detailed, dramatic visuals. Particular moments, like as the battle on the wandering titan, are really epic in scope and scale.

The worldbuilding is at its most interesting here, as it explores the mysterious cosmology of a nightmare version of Earth, complete with dead gods and ancient monsters. Set in a very different setting from the first two books, the third and fourth books go even farther into the aforementioned topics and the complex dynamics of the unique human groups. The trajectory of this discussion seems to be heading somewhere interesting.

A lone protagonist with a passionate preoccupation with battle is a prominent element throughout the series despite a shifting focus on other characters. While the text’s characters don’t grow much, the film’s action scenes are superbly staged, giving the audience a constant sensation of progress that triggers a pleasant rush of vicarious empowerment and dopamine release. It’s unfortunate that it’s only available on Webnovel, since it has merits that merit a higher-profile outlet.

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