Seeking Safety (PDF/ePUB) By T.L. Payne Read Online

Seeking Safety (PDF/ePUB) By T.L. Payne Read Online for free.

Seeking Safety Information

Book Name:Seeking Safety
Author:T.L. Payne
SeriesGateway to Chaos #1
File Type:PDF/ePub
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The nation’s electrical infrastructure was severely compromised by a cyber-attack, resulting in significant disruption. Concurrently, adversaries of the United States deployed a highly potent electromagnetic pulse (EMP) over the midwestern region, causing a substantial regression in technological capabilities reminiscent of primitive eras.

The occurrence was particularly untimely for Raine Caldwell and her fellow residents.

During an unprecedented winter season in the midwestern region, the nation experiences a significant decline in temperature, resulting in a state of extreme coldness and darkness.

Due to the incapacitation of transit systems and the congestion of streets caused by immobilised vehicles, a triggering event occurs, resulting in the rapid spread of fire throughout the city of St. Louis. The city is currently experiencing a state of chaos, characterised by a loss of societal order and an escalation of violence within its streets.

In the face of a conflagration engulfing her residence, Raine and her fellow residents are compelled to evacuate on foot, traversing the wintry streets in search of a secure haven.

Seeking Safety is a compelling narrative that follows a group of individuals in their struggle for survival following the occurrence of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) event, which results in a nationwide blackout and extreme cold conditions.

Do you possess the necessary attributes to endure the harsh environmental conditions, potential threats, and navigate through the perilous urban landscape in order to reach a place of refuge?

“Seeking Safety” serves as the inaugural installment in T. L. Payne’s riveting post-apocalyptic series, “Gateway to Chaos,” which delves into the harrowing realm of life following an electromagnetic pulse event. Keep an eye out for the upcoming release of Seeking Refuge: Gateway to Chaos Book Two.

About The Author T.L. Payne

The author of the Days of Want series, known for its fast-paced narrative and post-apocalyptic survival theme, is T. L. Payne. T.L. engages in full-time writing activities while residing on her farm located within the scenic Mark Twain National Forest in the South Central region of Missouri.

Seeking Safety Book Summary

The Seeking series proved to be an intriguing read. There is a significant amount of activity centred around a disparate assemblage of individuals who are endeavouring to endure. The issue at hand pertains to the fact that the content in question has been designated with a rating intended for individuals between the ages of 13 and 18. Based on the substantial frequency of violent encounters experienced by the characters, it is my contention that the assigned teen classification is inadequately representative.

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In my perspective, the appropriate rating for this material would be young adult, specifically for individuals aged 18 and above. I am opposed to allowing my adolescent children to peruse the aforementioned material, and I have consistently refrained from imposing any form of censorship on their reading choices. The assertion being made is not that the violence lacks justification, but rather that it is excessively intense for individuals below the age of 16. I assigned a rating of four stars to the books for that particular rationale.

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