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Sant Dnyaneshwar

Sant Gyaneshwar
Sant Dnyaneshwar
Full NameDnyandeo Vitthalpant Kulkarni
Janmashtami, 27 August 1275 CE
Apegaon, Yadava dynasty, now known as Paithan Taluka, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India)
Death Date and Place (Samadhi Place)1296
Place of death: Alandi
ParentsVitthala Pant (father)Rukmini Bai (mother)
PhilosophyAdvaita, Varkari
Guru of Sant GyaneshwarNivruttinath (elder brother)

Sant Dnyaneshwar Vitthal Kulkarni, also known as Jnaneshwar, Jnanadeva, Dnyandev or Mauli, was a 13th-century Indian Marathi saint, poet, philosopher, and yogi of the Nath Vaishnava order. He wrote Dnyaneshwari and Amrutanubhav during his brief 21-year life.


Sant Dnyaneshwar’s Philosophy reflect the non-dualistic Advaita Vedanta philosophy, with an emphasis on Yoga and the oneness of Vishnu and Shiva, although he is a devout follower of Lord Vitthal of Pandharpur. He was recognised as one of the pioneers of the Varkari (Vithoba-Krishna) Bhakti movement tradition of Hinduism in Maharashtra, and his legacy inspired saint-poets such as Eknath and Tukaram. In the year 1296, Saint Dnyaneshwar vanished.


Sant Dhyaneshwar’s teachings include a Experience in an one formless God and a call for people to seek spirituality inside themselves rather than relying on literature. Sant Dhyaneshwar was a Marathi poet, saint, and yogi who founded the bhakti movement in Maharashtra.

Sant Dnyaneshwar Quotes in English

Wisdom is the ability to dissolve all problematic actions.

Sant Dnyaneshwar (Gyaneshwar Quotes)

He who does not jump into the floods does not have to worry about drowning. He who follows the standards of health will live a long and healthy life. Similarly, one who would not entertain the sensation of “I” (Ahankar) on all occasions of activity and non-activity will have no dread in this world. How can dread arise when a sense of unity has dawned and everyone else looks to be a part of one’s self?

Sant Dnyaneshwar Quotes

When you put salt in water, it turns into water. As a result, there is no animosity when there is oneness.

Sant Dnyaneshwar ji Maharaj Quotes

The essential characteristic of intelligence purity, then, is that the mind is directed toward the true form (of Self), and intelligence serves no other purpose.

Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Quotes

Give to the poor with a glad heart, just as the tree offers leaves, flowers, shade, fruits, and roots without difference. This is genuine altruism.

Sant Dnyaneshwar thoughts in english

The division between released, aspiring, and bound exists only as long as one is unaware of this Elixir of Experience. The seer and the seen, the enjoyer and the enjoyed, are blended in the indivisible non-dual. The devotee has become God, the goal has become God, and the route has become the goal; this is true universe solitude.

Sant Dnyaneshwar Quotes in English

You are both the doer and the experiencer.

When the sight meets the mirror, almost simultaneously there is the realisation that the image therein is not different from the face – just as when the sight meets the mirror, almost simultaneously there is the realisation that the experience is not different from what he (the Self-realized person) himself is.

The words to define the noumenal state have yet to be invented, as has the sight to detect that condition… That state isn’t anything that can be grasped with words or thought.
Those who attempt to cross Maya or illusion with their intellect become lost.

Those who attempt to cross using knowledge are overcome by pride.

Those who use books as a source of information are consumed by ego and hubris.

Those who engage in ritualistic behaviour become entangled in moral dilemmas.

Lust consumes those who use their youthful power.

External yajna practitioners are ensnared in a web of desire and ambition.

Spiritual dedication is the ideal route for overcoming Maya or illusion. To avoid the dangers of ego and want, you must be vigilant.

It can’t be talked about or spoken to, and the intellect can’t fathom it.

It is because of Him that any shape appears. The Self is the only thing present. The gold shines through in the shape of a necklace or a coin; they are made entirely of gold. There is nothing but water in the course of a river or the waves of the sea. Similarly, nothing exists or is brought into existence in the universe other than the Self. There is nothing else in camphor but camphor, no matter how much it is sniffed, touched, or seen. Similarly, the Self is all that exists, regardless of how He perceives Himself. Nothing else exists save the Self, whether appearing as the seen or perceiving as the seer.

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When He wakes up, the entire house vanishes, leaving nothing behind. They split up for the sake of diversity, and now they’re looking for each other to merge into one. Both are subjects to each other, and each is an object to the other. They can only be happy when they are together.

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