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About Rule Number Five: A College Hockey Romance

Before I met a hockey player who was obsessed with breaking all of my rules, I had my entire life planned out. But then I met him.

My five easy guidelines for getting hooked up safeguard me from getting sidetracked. And now I'm very close to being offered the internship of my dreams. There is nothing that can convince me to go against them.

Even a defensive hockey player with crystal clear eyes, a pointed jaw, and a body that causes my chest to tighten causes my breath to catch.

Until Jax wins a bet, and one kiss is all it takes for me to break all of them.


Jaxton Ryder is the perfect fictional boyfriend.
For the most part, there isn't much drama in this story (which is probably why I felt like something was missing), but the characters develop slowly from acquaintances to friends to lovers.

When you arrive there, you'll taste the delicious spiciness. The Bathtub,
They discuss a scene or two from a racy novel over the phone.

After dancing and sensing with Jax in a pub, Sidney King learns that Jax is a professional hockey player. That's the clincher for Sidney. A strict rule of hers is that she will never date a hockey player. They are going to hurt you deeply.

Sidney is determined to achieve her goals, but she will not compromise on her standards. But she has a lot of self-doubt and is terrified of coming in second place.

When it comes to Sidney, Jax exudes self-assurance, sexiness, and sweetness. He's drafted to a squad and has a plan for his life, but he's troubled by sadness and attempting to live his life for someone else.

They become close while Jax schemes to have her breach every one of her rules.

In the end, I find myself rooting for Jax and Sidney as a couple. He believes in her and works tirelessly to help her succeed, right down to the tiniest things. Sidney gives Jax a solid foundation, revealing possibilities he had never considered. Both of them have a group of devoted pals who are always there for them.

To love you is not a sacrifice. I mean, it's a privilege, man.

Everything they went into it at the end made me feel so terrible for them.

Beginning of the Story

Puck slut Alex has been in their booth banging a redhead for the last fifteen minutes. He invites the girl to hang out with him and asks her to get them some beer. The woman walks away in a huff and the male chooses to leave before she returns with her pals. He's following the lovely librarian-looking brunette at the bar-height table. The guy attempts to screw the girl and is taken aback by her smile. Alex mocks the guy, but he persists in coming over to their flat to meet the girl. Before she even gets up, the girl shows a covering of grey hair, and the male has already started to move. The librarian almost spills her drink when Alex asks what she does for a living.

The protagonist is spying on the envious Sidney, a girl he has been observing. Anthony, a jealous guy, walks in and disrupts their conversation. Librarian Sidney introduces herself, and their mutual friends do the same. A baby-themed balloon is presented to them, and Sidney informs Alex that her internship application to Parliament has been approved. Alex is encouraged, but he cautions that she should get another reference letter. Sidney is self-assured and hard at work preparing for a career in politics. Alex attempts to cheer her up by inquiring about her academic and career plans. Only one semester remains for Sidney at the University of Windsor, she assures him. The protagonist feels pressured by the expectations placed upon them.

The narrator feels attracted to a female Kinesiology major. When they bond, the narrator is overcome by the aroma of citrus. The author is fascinated by her wit and confidence. A dance party is planned, and everyone is invited by Sidney. Attracted to her, the narrator joins her in dancing, intensifying their dick. The narrator is terrified that Sidney's choking breath would kill them, so they bring her home immediately. The author is overcome with a desire to bring her home immediately.

The narrator is involved in an intense relationship with Sidney, a lady who has strict guidelines for their sexual interaction. There are strict regulations against even exchanging numbers after a one-night encounter. Sidney says they're going in the wrong direction and that he wants to go home with her. The narrator attempts to be compliant with her regulations out of frustration, but she maintains an alcohol-free zone. He tries to get Sidney's phone number so they may keep talking, but she declines. As she cautions him against being romantically involved with a male, he worries about the potential repercussions. The narrator is confused about how to go and whether or not to keep the connection going.

Reader Reviews

Hello, y'all. This book had no company being this good. The boy became obsessed. "He fell first and harder" was the result. It produced total perfection. Sincerely, I hadn't anticipated liking JaxSidney so much, but damned if I'm not now completely smitten with them. Jax's irresistible charms made me swoon, ngl. The way he tenderly and lovingly caressed Sid's heart...LIKE GAWSH GET ME A MAN LIKE THAT OKURRR Additionally, Sidney, my baby, made my heart feel so fucking much for her. When you identify so strongly with a character and experience anxiety about abandonment or abandonment issues, the suffering is different. must observe her acting in the same manner as you would in order to avoid experiencing heartbreak. However, I'm so happy that these two finally received their HEA. that ultimately, they battled for one another. Overall, I gave this book a five, and I'm very grateful that I was given an advance reader copy of it.

nikki rose

This was a fantastic read for me. The pace is glacial. When they both go down, he goes down first (which I really love). Both Sidney and Jax could feel the pull of the other's presence. And when it comes to the hot stuff, you can be sure to get lots of it!Jax has my undying love. He fits the role of ideal fictional partner to a tee. It's attractive when a guy has the potential to be a man-ho player but is only interested in the FMC.I found myself fawning over many of the cute scenes. The way Jax protects her and takes care of her and how he lets the other girls know he isn't interested in them all add up to a gallantry contest. Yep. I'm head over heels in love. The book is a good length, but it could have been longer. Simply put, Jax.I'm also eagerly anticipating what I can only hope is the sequel set in this universe. The love triangle between Mia, River, and Alex is bound to be fascinating.

April R Tate

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