Off Your Game (PDF/ePub) By Susan Renee Read Online

Off Your Game (ePUB/PDF) By Susan Renee Read Online for free.

Off Your Game Information

Book Name:Off Your Game
Author:Susan Renee
SeriesChicago Red Tails #1
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size1.31 MB
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I usually get what I want because I’m good-looking and have a lot of money, unless I want a box of my favourite cereal right before the grocery store closes. As if tonight’s loss wasn’t bad enough, I’m now seeing my good luck charm, a box of cereal, get taken away by a woman.
The bold woman turns down both my cash offer and my idea for a more personal payment. How much pain can a person handle in a day?
Who cares how rude I am to her at this point? She is the most hated person in the world, and there is almost no chance of ever seeing her again. That is, until she shows up at the rink the next morning as the Chicago Red Tails’ new marketing representative.
That’s too bad.
Carissa Small Son is strong-willed, outgoing, and very sure of herself. She’s also funny, down-to-earth, and…oh my god, she’s so beautiful! Everything about her is both incredibly annoying and scary-looking.
I’m always very focused on my job as team captain, but lately I can’t stop thinking about her. Every night, I lead my team to success. Work hard, hit, and don’t give up.
But if I don’t watch out, she could throw me off.

About The Author Susan Renee

Susan Renee envisions a future where everything is covered in glitter, paint doesn’t smell, and Hogwarts is open every day. Susan is a self-employed romance author who has published articles on a variety of topics, including tacos and tow trucks. She enjoys writing dark, angst-filled novels in addition to romantic comedy. She lives with her husband, children, two dogs, a cat, and all of them in Ohio. Susan is a music educator with a bachelor’s and master’s degree. She conferred a doctorate in sass and sarcasm on herself as well. She enjoys cracking jokes, using GIFs when she speaks, and spending the whole day on TikTok. Her favourite activity when she’s not writing or taking care of her children is the Care Bear gaze with her closest pals.

Off Your Game Book Summary

I love a good “enemies-to-lovers” story, and when you add hockey to it, you’ve got me. I couldn’t put this book down. Colby and Carissa, oh my! I loved how these two met: they were fighting over a box of lucky charms in the cereal aisle. After losing, Colby is having a bad day and just wants his cereal. Carissa is not budging. So, the next morning, when she starts her new job as the social media manager for the Chicago Red Tails, she runs into the team’s captain, Colby, again. He’s cold both on and off the ice, and she wants to warm him up. Full of chemistry, steam, banter, laughter, friends, slow burn, love, stress, angst, and so much more. Can’t wait to see what else Susan writes!

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