My Husband, My Stalker (PDF/ePUB) By Jessa Kane Read Online

My Husband, My Stalker (PDF/ePUB) By Jessa Kane Read Online for free.

My Husband, My Stalker Information

Book Name:My Husband, My Stalker
Author:Jessa Kane
File Type:PDF/ePub (Downloadable)
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One night when I watched her on the news, my life shifted.
Yes, even me.
Is she looking for the norm?
Even if I have to fake it, I’ll give it to her.
I’ll pretend to be the neighbour who sells insurance and does all the paperwork to win her confidence.
Get married to her.
She has no idea she’s married a murderer.
She has no idea how much time I spend tailing her.
Keeping a close eye and ear out.
Totally and utterly fixated on her satisfaction.
She has no way of knowing.
What if she doesn’t?

My Husband, My Stalker Book Summary

The writing is superior than that of the previous Kane novels, and the style is noticeably different (more plain and direct, with no strangely worded sex descriptions).

The writing was surprisingly moving for a sexytimes Kane novella. Man pretending to sell insurance’s dependence and desperation were palpable. I knew that every time he told her “I love you,” he was trying to convince her of how crazy he felt about her. H’s extreme stalking and addiction to h were hilarious to witness (he had to force himself to refrain from sexually devouring her on a regular basis to ensure she made it to her appointments). Because of his extreme jealousy and possessiveness, he killed the man who kidnapped her before he met her and “dealt with” two of her male admirers after they were married. That’s my kind of villainous hero!

Despite the threat of her leaving him, he told her the truth about him and his secret stalking of her, he let her go so she can freely choose her life, and he waited for her for weeks in hope that she would return, all of which demonstrate good character growth as a result of his love for h leading him to want to be a better man and he proving it). She went from being an introverted, fearful person to an outgoing, confident one.

Excellent examples of both the dark romance and the romantic development of characters who may be imperfect to the point of being sick. However, their irrational dependence on each other was founded on genuine affection and concern. I appreciated that this novella focused more on love than lust. I thought the resolution was sweet, with them both admitting they were addicted to one other because it worked so well for them. The final section consisted of a few sentences detailing the happy continuation of their obsessive relationship across a number of decades. Given how close they are, it’s possible that it’s for the best that they haven’t started a family just yet. Still, I secretly hoped they’d start a family. Excellent S chemistry and steamy bareback S sequences, some of which include anal.

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This 22-year-old virgin has been on a few casual dates before, but nothing meaningful, as she has been more focused on her studies and work in interior design. Days before kidnapping and holding her captive in his basement, a male coworker hid under h’s be out of obsession. He romanticised the relationship and refrained from sexually assaulting her because of it. A few days later, her escape made headlines across the country. After first seeing her on the evening news, he fell madly in love with her. He started collecting data and pictures of her, then moved in next door under an alias as an insurance salesman. Before h, he relieved stress by having sex with unremarkable women.

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