Monster Girl Encyclopedia II (PDF/ePUB) By Kenkou Cross

Monster Girl Encyclopedia II (PDF/ePUB) Vol 2 Seven seas By Kenkou Cross read online and download.

Monster Girl Encyclopedia 2 Information

Book Name:Monster Girl Encyclopedia 2
Author:Kenkou Cross
File Type:PDF/ePub (Downloadable)
PDF Size:3.64 MB
ePub Size3.59 MB
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The second installment of the comprehensive compendium on monster girls that garnered significant attention among the fanbase, intended exclusively for mature enthusiasts. This comprehensive reference serves as an authoritative resource for the genre of attractive monster girls. This captivating volume, narrated through the lens of a peripatetic academic specialising in the study of mythical creatures, has a collection of 100th visually striking, meticulously crafted images depicting alluring and perilous monster girls.

This book is rich in captivating narratives, detailed biographies, and complex portrayals, including a comprehensive exploration of monster females, surpassing readers’ expectations in terms of content and depth. This compendium encompasses a diverse range of mythical creatures, including centaurs, succubi, mermaids, and slimes. It serves as a comprehensive resource for anybody interested in exploring the realm of monster girls. The hardback edition of this book is designed with deluxe features, including big trim and foil accents. It is shrink-wrapped and intended for mature audiences.

About The Author Kenkou Cross

Kenkou Cross is widely recognised for their contributions as both the creator and artist of the renowned Monster Girl Encyclopaedia series.

Monster Girl Encyclopedia II Book Summary

Before proceeding with the purchase of the MGE, it is important to consider that this book is specifically intended for an adult audience. Additionally, it is essential to be aware that KC’s work, including this book, is primarily characterised by its NSFW (Not Safe for Work) tone.
In conclusion, prior to providing my evaluation, I see this book primarily as an ArtBook rather than a literary work intended for narrative consumption. Consequently, anyone seeking a story-driven experience may find this book unsuitable, since it does not prioritise narrative elements.
Notwithstanding, if one is curious as to why I have awarded a book of this genre with a rating of five stars, it is due to my familiarity with the quality of the first volume. It is worth noting that in this sequel, we are presented with a more comprehensive offering that elicits a more favourable impression than its predecessor.

The provided text offers little information on the characters and the universe of KC, which was initially absent in the first book.
Within this particular area, one might encounter definitions pertaining to the specific locations to which some characters are affiliated.

One further positive aspect is to the overall design of the book. Specifically, the cover of the book is visually captivating and effectively aligns with its intended purpose of serving as an encyclopaedia.

One potential drawback:

One notable drawback that might be identified is the fictional universe presented in MGE by KC. However, if one interprets this portrayal as a subjective vision of the author rather than a literal representation, it should not impede the overall comprehension and appreciation of the work.

In my opinion, for those seeking a fundamental understanding of character design within the realm of Monster Girls, this book may prove to be quite beneficial. It is my belief that acquiring this book would be advantageous, particularly considering its comparatively affordable pricing in relation to several other ArtBooks.
The book consists of 234 pages, with around 100 characters each page.

Character Design

The character design has significantly improved, showcasing the effort invested by Kenkou. In contrast to the first volume, where there were characters that seemed out of place, this second installment features designs that adhere to a consistent style, avoiding the amalgamation present in the initial volume.


If one has an interest in manga, particularly those including suspenseful narratives and fantastical creatures known as monster girls, then this particular work is likely to be quite enjoyable. The artwork is really impressive and provides a substantial amount of information on each monster, including its habitat and any associated deities. Additionally, the depiction of aesthetically pleasing anime monster girls is noteworthy.

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