Hostile Takeover (PDF/ePUB) By Olivia T. Turner Read Online

Hostile Takeover (PDF/ePUB) By Olivia T. Turner Read Online for free.

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Book Name:Hostile Takeover
Author:Olivia T. Turner
File Type:PDF/ePub (Downloadable)
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Kyra Together with my aunt, I launched a cosmetics business out of her home. It has since grown into a global enterprise worth millions of dollars. And I mean adore. It’s everything to me. Then a spoiled rich guy walks in and thinks he can buy it. The enigmatic Brandon Raven. He personifies all the things I despise. The established business community. Beneficiary children. Corporations with questionable ethics buying up smaller ones and milking them dry. I was hoping my aunt would present a unified front in opposition to him and his views.

In contrast, my aunt is anxious to leave. There’s talk of her retiring soon. She is planning to auction off our newborn. I’m pretty much out of luck because she owns the lion’s share of the company. However, I do have a few surprises up my sleeve. I will not give in so quickly. Let him try his hand at an armed coup. And the winner is… Brandon I went to the She’s The Sun headquarters intending to acquire a cosmetics firm, but instead I found something even more desirable.

The CEO who is both adorable and fiery. Black, Kyra. And I need her. It’s imperative that I have her. But it looks like she has it in for me to the core. Now that I’m the leader, she has to listen to me and do what I say. Whatever. I. Say. This handsome, wealthy alpha in a suit is willing to do anything to get Kyra. With Mr. Raven in command, office get-togethers have never been more entertaining (or obscene). Fast-paced romance with no cheating and a happy ending that won’t break your heart. Enjoy!

About The Author Olivia T. Turner

Turner, Olivia T. Take a gander at their initials, honey. I was destined to be an OTT author.

I have a soft spot for overbearing, obsessive alpha males who are possessive of the women in their lives. These imposing black dudes just take anything they desire.

Turn off the internet and go outside if you prefer your book boyfriends sugary and cuddly. Come on in if your favourite heroes tend towards the rough, dirty, and possessive side of things…

No surprises, no cheating, and a happy ending is assured every time.

Hostile Takeover Book Summary

Kyra, master of sabotaging CEOs.
As the CEO of the family business, Brandon is the youngest of the family but also the most powerful. They’ve just acquired their nineteenth beauty brand. As Brandon walks through the house, he hears grumblings coming from his older brother.

Brandon is intrigued by the texture of the walls, the staff’ casual but unremarkable demeanour, and their business clothing.
Nonetheless, it’s the blow to the solar plexus he feels when his eyes lock with Kyra’s, or the incoherent stream of consciousness that ensues as they shake hands. Kyra, who is filled with guilt over her attempt to sabotage the sale with cinnamon and glue, admits that she did it. As feeble an effort as that was.
The first time Brandon and Kyra meet is a sizzling scene in the book.

The relationship moved as quickly as a company’s nationwide advertising campaign, which in the real world would be a dream job but in the fantasy world would simply allow the couple to spend all of their time together.

Skin imperfections such as scars, dimples, freckles, and moles are all normal.

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