Heart Of My Monster (ePub/PDF) by Rina Kent – Monster Trilogy #3

Heart Of My Monster (ePub/PDF) by Rina Kent Monster Trilogy #3 read online.

Heart Of My Monster Information

Book Name:Heart Of My Monster
Author:Rina Kent
SeriesMonster Trilogy #3
File Type:PDF/ePub
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Rina Kent, author of several books that have become bestsellers in USA Today, is the brains behind this brand-new dark mafia romance.

I am a man devoid of feelings and devoid of any moral compass.
The only reason I’ve gotten this far is because I want to rule.
I will not let anything or anyone deter me from achieving my goals.
To say nothing of the fact that this was the aim.
At this juncture, the one and only goal I have in mind is to win back my legitimate wife.
Sasha thinks that everything is over, but the truth is that we are just just getting started.
This lovely lady right here is the one I want to spend my life with. My spouse. To be more specific, my wife.

Because this is the third and last book of a series, it cannot be read on its own like the previous two books.

Author Rina Kent’s Bio

Rina Kent is renowned throughout the world for penning the enemies-to-lovers trilogy, which has sold millions of copies.

She is a creature of the night, and as such, she satisfies her mind with the sense of suspense and mystery that can be found in the shadows. Don’t be too harsh on her heart just yet; she likes to think of herself as a sucker for a happy ending.

Since she is the kind of oddball who cheers for the underdogs and underappreciated characters, anti-heroes and villains are often her idols in fiction. Her tales are imbued with an abundance of melancholy, brutality, and secretiveness, and they are packed to the gills with a sense of yearning.

Rina utilises her free time in London either by concocting new ideas or maniacally giggling at the success of schemes that are already in motion.

A Synopsis of the Book “Heart of My Monster”

Sasha can’t put on a show of astonishment now as if she didn’t see this coming at all; she knew it was coming. From the moment she set eyes on Kirill, she had a premonition that falling in love with him would be her undoing. She had anticipated that he would injure her, but not in this manner at all. What kind of damage he would inflict upon her. When exactly did it get there? There was no way that she could have been prepared for that. She cared for him more than anyone or anything else, and he hurled everything back in her face, even the fact that she cared for him the most.

Kirill had no doubts about the final result. Where he sits atop the hierarchy with complete authority. Despite this, a woman managed to penetrate his defences and deeply influence him. But despite the fact that she was very important to him, he never told her so. After that, he came to the conclusion that she had moved the goalposts for him, and it was time for him to regain his wife.


In conclusion, the final episode of Kirill and Sasha has finally arrived! They have both come back to cause us agony with their presence. Oh my god, I have a flashback to when I was the beta reader for this. I let out a scream at each of the turns. And I can almost guarantee that within the first few chapters, you will be cussing like a sea captain. I will always be accessible to discuss any theories, speculations, or ideas that you might have.

The trilogy that Rina wrote about Kirill and Sasha is considered to be one of her best works. I used to believe that her relationship with Adrian was the most interesting of her mafia romances, but it now appears that she and Kirill are inseparable. Another couple that I’ve been pulling for finally gets their own surprise in this book, and throughout their heated conversations, I went completely wild.

The culmination of this trilogy is, without a doubt, the most exhilarating part of the overall experience. If you are patient enough, Rina will provide you whatever you require as long as you do so. The fact that cameo appearances were made by the other characters from the mafia realm was quite enjoyable to me. When we get together again, one of the things I’m most looking forward to is catching up with Adrian and Damein.

The final book of this Rina trilogy is, by far, the most impressive of the three books.

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