Dirty Little Vow (PDF/ePUB) By Lisa Renee Jones Read Online

Dirty Little Vow (PDF/ePUB) By Lisa Renee Jones Read Online for free.

Dirty Little Vow Information

Book Name:Dirty Little Vow
Author:Lisa Renee Jones
SeriesTyler & Bella Trilogy #3
File Type:PDF/ePub
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Hawk Tyler. A man who appears to have everything besides her. Bella. Belle, the beautiful rebel. Worker for him. The sister of his greatest friend.

Now that his father has passed away, he must marry to ensure the survival of the family business. And she is the only woman he would ever have the nerve to play this role with. A reliable female companion of his. A woman he has a fiery passion for.

And all of a sudden, it’s not an act.

But what happens to the man when he falls in love, after he has sworn he would never fall in love?

Especially when his nemesis is after the one thing he has left that is truly important to him.

That foe is after Bella.

Introduction by Author

Bella, who works both as an attorney and an agent, has never been allowed to have any kind of relationship with the principal of Hawk Legal, Tyler Hawk. After the passing of Tyler’s father, who had a grudge against Tyler and wanted one last chance to get even with him, the two of them became friends. If Tyler did not get married by a specific date, the firm would be sold off and the investors would assume control. The attorney for Tyler’s father would reveal information of a scandal, which would lead to Tyler’s downfall, the loss of his licence to practise law, and the collapse of the business.

Tyler was aware that he had nothing else to lose if it came to this situation since his father was involved in a legal dispute with the Allen family. He was unable to locate the previous case file, so he began investigating the Allen family in order to locate a prospective fiancee. As the tension between them increases, they find themselves unable to distinguish between feelings of love and hatred. They had a disagreement during their shift one night at the workplace, and after that, their relationship would never be the same again.

Both of them are required to accompany Dash on his trip to Los Angeles for the purpose of negotiating a film contract for Dash. They refuse to stop arguing and even sleep in the same bed together. However, there is a significant obstacle in the way: Tyler must get married. He assures Bella that she is the perfect fiancée, but she becomes agitated whenever he asks her to agree with him. Tyler gives her a contract to sign as if they were doing a commercial deal together.

In the end, they are able to resolve their differences, but Bella will not consent to Tyler getting married. While Tyler is formulating his strategy, his father is devising a trap for him. He needs an additional escape route just in case the partners decide to confront him about the delay. The last scene in each book has a tense confrontation between the criminal family and Bella, who is threatened with a gun.

About The Author Lisa Renee Jones

The INSIDE OUT series by Lisa Renee Jones has been praised by critics and readers alike. Jones has been a New York Times and USA Today bestseller. Alice in Wonderland producer Suzanne Todd has this to say about the INSIDE OUT films: Lisa has crafted a world that is both aesthetically pleasing and intellectually stimulating, full of mystery and suspense. Sara is a modern lady we can all relate to since she is powerful, flawed, multifaceted, and sexually alluring.

Lisa has written and published a number of critically acclaimed works, including the INSIDE OUT series. Several months were spent by both the TALL, DARK, AND DEADLY and THE SECRET LIFE OF AMY BENSEN series on the New York Times and USA Today bestselling lists. Lisa is now writing a new series for St. Martin’s Press called Dirty Money, which is described as “dark and edgy.”
Lisa formerly ran a successful multi-state employment service that received accolades from both The Austin Business Journal and Dallas Women’s Magazine before she decided to publish her work. In 1998, Entrepreneur Magazine ranked Lisa as the seventh-fastest-growing company owned by women.

Dirty Little Vow Book Summary

That was quite the ride. The conclusion to the Tyler and Bella series, Dirty Little Vow, is everything I could have hoped for and more. In a word, amazing. Lisa Renee Jones has written a story that is dark, tense, and full of unexpected turns. There’s a lot of back-and-forth and mental gymnastics going on. A supernatural force is playing cat and mouse with Tyler and Bella from beyond the grave. It’s mind-boggling to think about how far his father might go if he thought Tyler would fail. Tyler is responsible for deciphering the puzzle, but Dash is there in case he gets stuck. I have no idea how she does it, but LRJ consistently produces excellent works of literature. One of the best is “Dirty Little Vow.”

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