Beautifully Ruined (PDF/ePUB) By M.J. Masucci Read Online

Beautifully Ruined (PDF/ePUB) By M.J. Masucci Read Online for free.

Beautifully Ruined Information

Book Name:Beautifully Ruined
Author:M.J. Masucci
SeriesBound to You #1
File Type:PDF/ePub
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The opposite is true; she wrongly assumes I dislike her. As soon as Avery Bedford stepped into the limo, I knew we were going to be together.

Throughout the summer, I actively sought to irritate and tease her. She had no idea that it was because of me that her mom made the decision to enrol her in Bancroft Prep.

Once our parents go for their two-month honeymoon, I’ll have her at my beck and call.


I despise him. Gideon Berne is relentless in his pursuit of making my life a living hell. Once we arrive to school, he believes I’ll be an easy target, but he’s completely incorrect.

I’m not interested until I learn his secret; he threatened to ruin me and reduce me to begging for what he has to offer.

He’s engaged in pretend play, but I’ve had my own activities planned.

Words of abuse, threats of violence, humiliation, extortion, and explicit sexual content.

**A cliffhanger occurs at the end of this book. The happy ending (HEA) is a standard plot device in series fiction.

About The Author M.J. Masucci

MJ Masucci writes passionate love stories and tense romance thrillers. She and her husband and two intelligent Siamese cats make their home in Southern New York. In college, she put pen to paper for the first time, penning down ideas for short tales and novels. Her favourite sport, though, is football.

Beautifully Ruined Book Summary

From the minute Avery moves in with him, Gideon has made it his mission to destroy her. He has promised his three buddies that after he breaks Avery, he will give her to whoever wants her. What he didn’t foresee was developing a possessive attitude towards her.

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Avery has had enough of being Gideon’s punching bag, so now she fights back. Finally, she tells his father that he is mistreating her, and as a result, he almost doesn’t get his dream car. As time goes on, the taunting evolves into passion, and finally into something more. Then they’re in a secret romance that they can’t tell anyone about.
The book leaves the reader hanging and is somewhat predictable in parts. The events of book two hold great potential.

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