Bad Luck Charm (PDF/ePUB) By Julie Johnson Read Online

Bad Luck Charm (PDF/ePUB) By Julie Johnson Read Online for free.

Bad Luck Charm Information

Book Name:Bad Luck Charm
Author:Julie Johnson
SeriesWitch City #1
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size2.40 MB
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Gwendolyn Goode leads a life characterised by fortunate circumstances.

Being the proprietor of an establishment specialising in esoteric merchandise situated in the heart of Salem, Massachusetts, she has become acclimated to the peculiar and supernatural aspects of her trade. However, when an animal sacrifice, characterised by the presence of blood, is discovered as a warning in close proximity to her establishment, law enforcement authorities appear to have the belief that Gwen may potentially be the intended recipient of malevolent actions perpetrated by those of a truly wicked nature. Abruptly, her previously idyllic life becomes fraught with peril due to the presence of fanatical pagans, renegade personnel, and malevolent accomplices. There exists a singular individual who possesses the ability to safeguard her until the cessation of the tempestuous conditions.

Graham Graves does not allocate time for supernatural beliefs and practises.

Neither in his romantic relationships nor in his professional career. In spite of the perpetual idiosyncrasies prevalent in his place of residence, the private investigator and highly regarded police consultant takes great satisfaction in maintaining an impartial stance when dealing with each case that is presented to him. The situation undergoes a significant transformation when Gwendolyn, a woman who profoundly affects him in a unique manner, becomes the target of perilous individuals. Graham exhibits a strong determination to ensure her safety, despite the challenging nature of her presence that puts his unwavering determination to the test. However, as their shared aversion transforms into an unforeseen allure… He grows increasingly resolute in his efforts to transform her into something different:

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BAD LUCK CHARM is an independent romantic novel comprising almost 450 pages. The narrative incorporates appearances by a prophetic parrot, a contemporary pirate, and a group of kind octogenarians. This literary work showcases well-developed characters who exhibit a strong presence within the narrative. Additionally, the plot contains numerous eerie and unpredictable occurrences, which serve to engage and challenge the reader’s assumptions. Fans of Johnson’s past literary series, including the Boston Love Story, will really appreciate the fusion of passionate elements, comedic undertones, and a sense of anticipation that permeates throughout the story.

About The Author Julie Johnson

Julie Johnson, a New England native, is a novelist who has achieved international bestseller status. When Julie is not engaged in the act of writing, she frequently dedicates her time to the pursuit of expanding her travel experiences, indulging in excessive consumption of coffee, and sharing visual representations of her canine companion on the social media platform Instagram. Please refer to her Twitter handle, @author_julie.

The author released her inaugural literary work, titled “Like Gravity,” in August 2013, shortly prior to commencing her last year of undergraduate studies, and has since remained steadfast in her pursuit of writing endeavours. The author has subsequently released over twelve additional novels, which encompass popular series such as the BOSTON LOVE STORY trilogy, THE GIRL DUET, and THE FORBIDDEN ROYALS TRILOGY. The author’s literary works have been translated into a total of 10 distinct languages and have achieved notable recognition by appearing on numerous bestseller lists worldwide, such as Der Spiegel, AdWeek, Publishers Weekly, USA Today, among others.

Bad Luck Charm Book Summary

This literary work provided an enjoyable and endearing amalgamation of a cosy mystery and a romantic narrative. The narrative effectively maintains a harmonious equilibrium between the elements of mystery and romance, with neither aspect overshadowing or diminishing the other, so enhancing the overall reading experience.

We are adhering to Gwen, who arrived in Salem, Massachusetts two years ago upon the inheritance of her aunt’s residence and business, now operates a captivating occult store that aligns with the mystical atmosphere of the town. Gwen’s formative years were characterised by an unfavourable domestic environment, marked by the presence of an abusive mother. However, throughout each summer of her upbringing, she would embark on a sojourn to Salem, where she would relish several delightful months in the company of her aunt. The situation appears to be progressing favourably until a heinous offence is perpetrated in close proximity to her establishment, indicating the potential occurrence of other criminal activities. Compounding the situation, the individual in question’s initial infatuation and present adversary, Graham, is actively conducting an investigation into the criminal incident.

This literary work captivated my interest from its inception, as it skillfully incorporated elements of warm and inviting northeastern ambiance, the formation of familial bonds, the transformation of adversaries into romantic partners, and comedic elements. I shown equal interest in unravelling the criminal activities as I did in the romantic aspects. Gwen and Graham have emerged as a notable literary couple within the current year, garnering favouritism from my perspective. The narrative’s conclusion was met with reluctance on my part, as my appetite for their story remained unsatiated.

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