King of Sloth (PDF/ePub) by Ana Huang – Kings of Sin #4

Until he met her, he had never wanted anybody enough to pursue them.

Xavier Castillo is a charming, laid-back, and unbelievably wealthy man who has access to everything.

To his father’s dismay, he also has no desire to inherit his family’s business, but that hasn’t prevented ladies from swarming around him.That is, unless the woman is his publicist.

He enjoys nothing more than making her angry, but when a tragedy draws them closer than before, he is forced to face the uncertainty of his future and the fact that the one person he really wants is the one who is resistant to his charms.

Cool, astute, and driven, Sloane Kensington is a successful publicist with experience with challenging clientele.

But none of them irritate or entice her more than a particular millionaire heir, with his silly dimples and easygoing demeanor.

No matter how hard he works to make her heart race or how kind he is behind his party character, she will never fall in love with him, even if she has to work with him.

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He will always be her customer, and that is all he is. Correct?

Book Name:King of Sloth
AuthorAna Huang
SeriesKings of Sin #4
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size2.49MB
ePub Size1.83 MB
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