Good Girl, Bad Blood By Holly Jackson (PDF/ePub)

A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder Book 2 PDF/ePub


Pip is no longer a detective.

She produced a true-crime podcast with Ravi Singh’s assistance on the murder case they worked together to solve last year. Even though the program has gained popularity, Pip maintains that her days of doing research are over.

However, when someone she knows disappears, she will have to renege on that pledge. The exact night that the community held a memorial service for the sixth anniversary of Andie Bell and Sal Singh’s deaths, Jamie Reynolds vanished from sight.

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There will be no action taken by the police. If they refuse to search for Jamie, Pip will, learning more of the murky secrets of her community in the process, and this time, everyone will be paying attention. Will she, however, locate him before it’s too late?

Book Name:Good Girl, Bad Blood
AuthorHolly Jackson
SeriesA Good Girl’s Guide To Murder Book 2
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size2.49MB
ePub Size1.83 MB
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